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Exercise Bin – Razumovsky Massager

The device combines several powerful health-improving principles on the whole body and effectively complements a number of modern simulators and massagers at the same time.

This device has a wide range of healing properties that can be used in sports, preventive and therapeutic practice for the healing and treatment of the whole body.

In April 2007, the Center for Posture Correction began a scientific experiment with the application of a new author’s invention: an ectotransplant – a massager of Konstantin Razumovsky. At the same time, the Center’s programs were included into the international program of the social educational and practical movement “Slavic synthesis”.

During the experiment, it turned out that with the application of the ecotransformer-massager in the treatment of scoliosis, the results of treatment in conjunction with the author’s method, O. Slinko significantly improved. Especially in cases of static, functional and ideopathic scoliosis of the I-III degrees.

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