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Manufacturing of individual insoles

Manufacturing of individual insoles (ortes) of FOS to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Functional foot orthosis (FOS) is an integral part of the treatment of patients with a different pathology of the foot. By the definition of ISO (International Standard Organization), ortes are called products used from the outside to support or correct the pathological position of the foot.

The individual insole is made by a gypsum negative foot, the procedure for removing which involves the correct anatomical position of the posterior and anterior sections of the foot relative to the shin. The use of individual (functional) insoles not only eliminates the apparent decrease in the height of the vault, but also corrects the internal rotation of the lower extremities, which in turn leads to the therapeutic effect in cases of structural deformations of the foot and in the positional (idiopathic) flat foot as a compensatory manifestation of changes in the knee and hip joint

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