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Master Spin

Spinal traction massager “Master Spin” is a multifunctional device.

In sitting position, it is used for relaxation (relaxation) of the back muscles under the influence of the needle surface of the support plate made from a high-quality polypropylene composition.

Due to the fact that the spine is in the slots of the support plate, all the load falls on long back muscles, evenly distributed along a convex supporting plate, thus reducing the compressive load on the intervertebral discs – biological shock absorbers.

People who have pain in the lumbar region feel relieved immediately.

In the case when you are wearing expensive delicate fabrics and you are afraid to damage them, or your back skin has a sunburn, pustular inflammation, etc., you can install the support plate with a smooth side out.

On chairs, armchairs, chairs, a massager is fixed with a strong nylon belt in five seconds, and is removed for three. In sitting position, the device is used without time constraints.

However, the main function of the massager is timely reflex muscle relaxation under the influence of the barbed support surface, the removal of muscle spasms and static stretching of the spine, controlled only by you.

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