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Many functions in the body are controlled by electrical impulses of nerve cells. The Ultron Futura Plus device simulates all these personal impulses electronically to achieve a variety of results, for example, increasing muscle tone, providing load, reducing cellulite, enhancing lymphatic drainage, weight loss, and the like.

The “Futura Plus” apparatus provides a monophase “Ultrawave R” signal that self-adjusting programs, which automatically change the time of reduction, relaxation time, the number of pulses per second, the time of linear increase of the signal and the duration of the pulse, provides the necessary stimulation for physiologically consistent change in the form of the body .

Biostimulation programs:

1 Individually developed programs for correction of posture defects according to the “Passport of the spine”

2 Correction of the body shape:
– weight loss;
– strengthening and increasing muscle tone;
– strengthening muscles and giving them strength;

3 Control of the figure:
– excessive removal of excess calories;
– pumped out fat from the muscles;
– postpartum period;
– strengthening muscles in the buttocks and thighs.

4 Body Care:
– cellulite reduction;
– lymphatic drainage of the body and face;
– increase of hips;
– strengthening and increasing tone of the skin.

5 Workout:
– increase in muscle mass in women;
– aerobics
– lifting of the muscles of the chest and tone.

6 Non-surgical lifting of facial muscles:
– instant lifting and tone of the face and neck;
– absorption of moisture from the face;
– the tone of deep facial muscles.

7 An ageless face:
– elimination of fine wrinkles;
– rejuvenation of the skin and facial muscles;
– capillarization.

8 Relaxation:
– stress relief;
– rest and relaxation.

9 Sport and treatment:
– removal of toxins from the body;
– action on the biological active skin points;
– reflexology, blood circulation.