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During the consultation, a full orthopedic examination of the human musculoskeletal system is carried out, additional functional tests are applied, and the pathography is stopped.

At the consultation, necessary orthopedic products are assigned. In addition, the client is recommended for appropriate methods of correction of defects of the musculoskeletal system – physical therapy, special diet, methods of treatment in folk medicine (infusions, painkillers, compresses, ointments). If necessary, appoint treatment with special orthopedic provisions. At the consultation recommended classes on corrective gymnastics methodical materials author’s program Oksana Slinko.

Consultation does not provide for a complete diagnosis of the study of human musculoskeletal system with special measurements and the drawing of a graphic image of posture.

Conducting consultations is offered to those people who, due to various circumstances, can not permanently study at the Center for position correction according to individually developed complexes of corrective exercises.