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For effective correction and prophylaxis of posture defects it is necessary to first diagnose the functional state of the musculoskeletal system according to the author’s technique O. Slinko. It is an expanded complex examination that includes an orthopedic examination of a person, determination of basic vital indicators, performance of functional tests, such as determining the amplitude of spinal movements and other joints, which allows obtaining sufficient information about the status of the human musculoskeletal system and determine the main causes of complex orthopedic disorders.


During the survey, the “Spell image graphic” or “Spine passport” is created, according to which an individual “Instructor card” is formed. Oksana Slinko’s diagnosis makes it possible to avoid unnecessary and dangerous radioactive radiation of a person, which is the main contributing factor in the use of modern diagnostic medical equipment

Also, a separate “Diagnostic Card” is formed, in which all data of the external orthopedic examination are recorded. At the anatomical points make measurements of the central axis of the spine. Linear and goniometric measurements are introduced into a special table, conduct dynamometry, photosomatoscopy and flatography of the feet.

According to the results of the diagnosis for the correction of orthopedic disorders, an individual complex of corrective exercises and procedures that can be obtained at the Center is appointed. Additionally, a special correction with the help of orthopedic products is recommended, which can be purchased immediately at the Center.