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Manufacturing of insoles

Manufacturing of individual insole

by the definition of ISO (International Standard Organization), ortes are called products used from the outside to support or correct the abnormal position of the foot. Often, orthoses are used to prevent and treat flat feet.

Unique individual orthopedic insoles made of polypropylene and a shock absorbing effect are made according to the method of American doctor Dr. Root There are no analogues in terms of effectiveness, quality and duration in Ukraine.
The material from which the insole -polypropylene is made is extremely resistant to wear, so the warranty period for the use of the product for an adult is not less than 10 years.

The basis of the technology of manufacturing FOS is the establishment of a neutral anatomical position of the posterior section of the foot, lower limb and lumbar spine, which makes them an effective therapeutic measure in case of foot disorders. The product is made by a master orthopedist for 2 weeks, preliminary removing plaster casts. On their basis, taking into account all deviations from the norm made positive (correct) moldings, then with the help of special equipment formed a finished product.


What is the effect?
The use of individual insoles not only eliminates the apparent decrease in the height of the vault, but also corrects the internal rotation of the lower extremities, which in turn leads to a therapeutic effect in cases of foot deformities.