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Osteopathy is a unique soft and gentle method of treatment in which the main tool is sensitive hands of a specialist. Due to its mildness, osteopathy is used to treat children from the very first days of life, during pregnancy, and also with severe pain syndrome, which radically distinguishes its methods from the latter.

One of the main principles of osteopathy is the approach to the human body as a single system, so treatment should primarily be aimed at mobilizing the internal forces of the body and self-education. In this regard, the main tool of the treating physician is his hands.

The technique used in osteopathy, unlike other types of manual treatment, is performed only in the physiological barriers of tissues, so it is mildly active. Today osteopathy has gained wide popularity, thanks to its unique advantages:

  • Reliable diagnostics – a professional osteopath finds and cures the cause of the disease, which may not be where it is sore;
  • Safe and painless treatment – it’s extremely soft and gentle methods of treatment;
  • Treatment without surgical interventionosteopathy is an excellent alternative to surgery in diseases of the spine, flatulence, varicose veins, etc.;
  • Replacing or reducing the use of drugs – often the methods of osteopathy can avoid the use of drugs or significantly reduce the frequency and amount of their intake;
  • Short-term and effective treatment – the course of treatment for osteopathy consists of 4 to 8 sessions with a frequency of 1 session per week or 2 weeks (selected individually).