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Vibrocneziotherapy is a green therapy without chemical influences, which corresponds to the biological laws of the development and growth of all things in nature and science. Vibrocnezitherapy is carried out by the method of spiral massage of the reflex zones of the foot and palm, as well as biologically active points of the whole body.

The action of the apparatus consists in the accumulation of non-thermal bioenergy (potential energy) to a level that allows the body to treat itself

Vibrocneziotherapy will help you:

  • Effectively stimulate blood circulation, remove toxins and slags from the body;
  • To normalize blood pressure, to prevent the development of atherosclerosis, apoplexy stroke;
  • To remove fatigue, insomnia, cure neurasthenia, neuralgia, as well as headache and edema;
  • Reduce pain in the shoulder girdle, neck, lumbar region of the spine, as well as relieve the feeling of cold in the arms and legs, cramp, numbness;
  • Cure rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Quickly cure hemorrhoids, constipation, prostatitis, etc .;
  • Improve your condition with chronic diseases such as: diabetes, pulmonary bronchitis, gallstone disease;
  • Effectively smooth the skin, get rid of excess fat deposits, double chin, acne, acne and pigmentation spots;


  • Accelerate bone growth, improve memory;
  • Increase the efficiency of the vestibular apparatus, the tone of muscle and connective tissues, and intensify the work of internal organs.