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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the author's technique based on Slinko O.O?
- author's two-hour diagnostic examination of the human musculoskeletal system - Individual programming load and selection of therapeutic exercises for everyone a specific case after diagnosis - Prevention of deformities of the spine and joints of the upper and lower extremities for account of two types of "spine mobilization" and "spinal redundancy" classes that are patented as an author's invention - Restoration and stabilization of body symmetry at its violations as a result of the complex The approach is to apply therapeutic corrective exercises and procedures that you can go through center, implementation of additional recommendations
What does the new patient start with?
Work with a new patient begins with a diagnosis that lasts one and a half to two hours as a result of what is the special "passport of the spine?". During the diagnosis, linear is used and goniometric measurements of the musculoskeletal system of the person, lifted indicators, A review of the stop on the catapult is performed, and their imprint on the plotograph. All metrics are compared to tables with norms and is fixed in the diagnostic card of the patient. Based on research conclusion is made of a diagnosis and a recommended set of measures. The result Diagnostic examination is the compilation of "Instructor card". It's not just a set of ordinary ones Exercises are an individual program that is selected with every jeweler's precision for each patient for effective correction of the defects of its musculoskeletal system. Used deuterium exercises asymmetric corrective gymnastics, exercises for mobilization and redesign of the spine.
What is the scheme of work with a new client?
1.Priety record for diagnostics. 2. Perform comprehensive diagnostics and compile an individual exercise program. 3. Visits by the client of classes and procedures. 4.Repeat survey.
How to prevent scoliosis?
- Motor activity (gymnastics, swimming) - The right backpack - Sleep on a hard orthopedic bed - The right posture at the table and desk - An annual review by an orthopedic physician - Saving good eyesight - Convenient orthopedic shoes - Lack of overweight
From what age do children study in the Gracia Academy?
We treat children from 4 years old and adults up to 80 years old. But mostly in the Academy of Grace children from 10 to 16 years old are engaged.
What are the signs of normal posture?
- Direct position of the head and spine - Symmetrical shoulders and shoulders - Equal waggons with lowered hands - Symmetrical placement of sciatic folds - Levels of the pelvic floor If at least one of the listed items does not meet the norm - you should immediately contact a doctor!